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US Army To Prioritize Focus On ‘Climate Change’

Anyone think China and Russia are doing the same? We aren’t talking about taking the weather into account, or how the climate has always changed. We’re talking Cult of Climastrology stuff US Army to prioritize fight against climate change The U.S. Army recently released a bulletin stating that it will henceforth be “prioritizing climate change” […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible restaurant which refuses to go vegan, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is White House Dossier, with a post on China Joe trying to insist that Democrats still support Israel.

Oregon To Require Proof Of Vaccination To Participate In Society

Well, kinda puts this in perspective now, eh? More Oregon counties vote to move into Idaho, part of rural effort to ‘to gain political refuge from blue states’ https://t.co/UgMwcS01U7 pic.twitter.com/0JqMMVxWJu — The Oregonian (@Oregonian) May 19, 2021 Papers, please! Oregon now requires ‘proof of vaccination’ If you want to participate in Oregon society without being […]

Canada To Soon Face Mega-Hurricanes From ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Canada will be facing not just hurricanes, but mega-hurricanes, all because you just had to take fossil fueled trips to get juicy and evil burgers Canada Faces Mega-Hurricanes if Climate Change Pushes Storms North: Swiss Re Warns Climate change is making hurricanes bigger and stronger, and it may soon push them farther north. Yet Canada’s […]

Biden Counters GOP With $1.7 Trillion “Infrastructure” Bill, Which Is Even Worse

Mr. Unity and Bipartisan doesn’t seem to understand how that works. Just because you’re talking with the opposition doesn’t mean you’re doing anything. But, then, he learned this from Obama White House counters with $1.7 trillion infrastructure proposal in GOP talks White House officials are presenting a $1.7 trillion counterproposal to Republicans on Friday in […]

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