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Climate Crisis (scam) Means U.S. Should Let In Climate Refugees Or Something

Will the rich folks pushing for more immigrants put them up in their palatial homes? This is a cute way to link the climate crisis (scam) and immigration, both legal and illegal The U.S. owes a massive climate debt. One way to pay it: Let in climate migrants The United States has generated more heat-trapping carbon pollution […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible evil no good fossil fuels pump, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The American Conservative, with a post on the black deaths no one wants to discuss.

Woman Racks Up $20K In Tickets, Blames Other People

In normal times, this wouldn’t really even be a story, except perhaps in the crime blotter when she’s arrested for failure to pay them. But, this is the Woke World, where a person who is utterly irresponsible in her driving and following the rules of the road (really, they’re laws) can blame raaaaacism and Other […]

Climate Cultists Now Advocating Violence And Criminal Activity To Stop Climate Crisis (scam)

Of course, most of them won’t give up their own big carbon footprints, won’t stop using fossil fuels, won’t go vegan, or live in tiny homes, and so forth Can sabotage stop climate change? Despite the climate movement’s growth, epitomised by Extinction Rebellion and Student Strike for Climate, fossil fuel extraction continues to grow, and […]

Rep Clyburn May Be Possibly Willing To Keep Qualified Immunity For Police Officers

Even if he’s willing to forget about the whole “take qualified immunity away from police officers but leave it for other government officials” part of a police reform bill, will other Democrats do the same? Lots and lots of them have been showing their hatred for police for some time now (while protected by law […]

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