Climate Crisis (scam) Means U.S. Should Let In Climate Refugees Or Something

Will the rich folks pushing for more immigrants put them up in their palatial homes? This is a cute way to link the climate crisis (scam) and immigration, both legal and illegal

The U.S. owes a massive climate debt. One way to pay it: Let in climate migrants

The United States has generated more heat-trapping carbon pollution than any other nation, but it has not felt the impact of climate change in equal measure. Poorer countries in warmer latitudes are enduring the most devastating droughts, heat waves, and violent storms, and seeing more poverty, disease, and mass migration as a result. By doing so much to fuel climate change, the United States has incurred a massive debt to the developing world, and there is no easy way to pay down the balance.

President Biden is trying, but in a country that is largely opposed to more foreign assistance, he faces significant hurdles to ramping up aid. Biden recently promised to spend $5.7 billion a year to help developing countries cope with climate change, but that sum is far from sufficient, as critics were quick to point out. The White House, however, is also exploring other, less direct means of providing relief, among them, a major change to immigration policy that could give a measurable boost to countries hard hit by climate disasters. (snip)

A recent study from Princeton University modeled future migration in a world with more open borders and a world with closed borders to compare the movement of people and the flow of remittances. Predictably, they found that in a world with more open borders more people would migrate from Africa, Asia, Central America, and the Pacific to Europe and the United States to escape climate change. The effect of the resulting remittances would be profound. (snip to end)

The United States could be the first, creating a model for other wealthy nations to follow. Doing so would likely be administratively challenging and politically costly, but it would also go some way to settling America’s climate debt.

What this means is that since the U.S. owes these migrants for our carbon footprint, they do not owe the U.S. a thing when we let them in. We should be providing money, shelter, food, healthcare, everything, and they can just go on and not learn our language and culture, just keep doing the things they did in their home countries while here, and just not being a part of America. We have to change for them. And support them for life and beyond. Where would it end? Would their descendants decades and centuries get the same?

See, it’s not even good enough to give them all sorts of climate cash with no strings attached, the 1st world, and especially the U.S., have to take in these third world folks with little to no education nor modern work skills, who’ll just live on the taxpayer dole for life.

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