Democrats Considering User Fees To Pay For Their “Infrastructure” Plan

As they force you to be Watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside), Democrats are looking to make you pay for it

Democrats open to user fees for infrastructure deal

Some Senate Democrats are open to paying for a compromise infrastructure package by imposing user fees, including increasing the gas tax and raising money from electric car drivers through a vehicle-miles-traveled charge.

Why it matters: By inching toward the Republican position on pay-fors, some Democrats are bucking President Biden’s push to offset his proposed $2.3 trillion plan by focusing only on raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

“User fees have to be part of the mix,” Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) told Axios on Thursday.

“I am generally supportive of what the president is trying to do, but I think his initial unwillingness to include user fees makes it really hard.”

Guess who this hits the most? And why would people want to switch to a much more expensive EV when they are just going to pay more for miles traveled? Punished for “being green”? Raise the gas tax? Kill the economy which is on a razor’s edge.

Anyhow, China Joe met with the GOP and Republicans and

The president agreed: “I am very optimistic that we can reach a reasonable agreement. But even if we don’t, it’s been a good-faith effort that we started.”

He added: “We didn’t compromise on anything.”

Reach an agreement but refuse to compromise? Where’s all that bipartisan we hear about? Where’s Joe’s electric limo and electric helicopter? Why isn’t he riding the train?


Electric Chevrolet Bolt EUV rated at 247 miles per charge

The Chevrolet Bolt EUV just missed the mark.

Chevy had estimated that the all-electric subcompact crossover would receive an EPA rating of 250 miles per charge, but the official number is 247 miles.

That puts the $33,595 Bolt EUV ahead of the similarly sized Kia Niro EV’s 239-mile rating and below the Hyundai Kona EV’s 258-mile rating.

The Niro and Kona have 201 hp motors, compared to the Bolt EUV’s 200 hp unit, and start at $31,065 and $32,765, respectively, after deducting the $7,500 federal tax credit they qualify for.

You can’t just deduct the credit as cash. And that’s a lot of money for small vehicles. With few features.

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