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Fat Shaming: Cult Of Climastrology Wants To Tackle Obesity

The same people who support overweight people, holding them up as icons and such, decrying anyone who says “saying it is OK and great to be fat because it is unhealthy” as a fat shamer, also complain about obesity as being bad for ‘climate change’ Another reason to combat the obesity epidemic: scientists say overeating […]

If All You See…

…is horrible paving meant to move fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post on too much snow for Rudolph.

Good News: Hallmark Movies Are Fascist Propaganda

Apparently, Salon wants to be relevant again with a serious hot take, but, hey, the news is rather slow on Christmas, so, they get noticed. This is from the crazy mind of Excitable Amanda Marcotte Hallmark movies are fascist propaganda https://t.co/zG0tq6XHsD — Salon (@Salon) December 25, 2019 From the screed Which is, of course, laughable […]

2019 Was The Year The World Woke Up To The Climate Emergency Or Something

The Cult of Climastrology has only been pimping it since the 1980’s, and it’s just now that the world is woke? The year the world woke up to the climate emergency Schoolchildren skipping class to strike, protests bringing city centres to a standstill: armed with dire warnings from scientists, people around the world dragged the […]

GOP Believes It Can Pick Up A Few Democrat Votes In Senate Impeachment Trial

Of course, this is all based on whether Nancy Pelosi gets around with sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate or sits on them forever GOP predicts bipartisan acquittal at Trump impeachment trial Republicans are becoming increasingly confident they’ll be able to hand President Trump a bipartisan acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial. […]

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