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Harvard Names “Climate Emergency” Word Of The Year

Who wants to tell them? ‘⁦⁦@Harvard⁩ faculty chooses “climate emergency” as the “word of the year”. Such is the state of higher education. Read the testimonials. What lofty prose. One token prof points out it is not actually an emergency. No one is fleeing! https://t.co/yZnt0DC6YL — Patrick Moore (@EcoSenseNow) December 24, 2019 Say, will Harvard […]

If All You See…

…are an evil string of lights, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post noting the left pretends criminals obey the law.

The Kids Want To Be Taught ‘Climate Change’ But Schools Aren’t Ready Or Something

Last time I checked, the adults (as much as you can call Liberals adults) were in charge of the school system, not the kids, and the adults should be in a position to understand what is truly important to teach kids Students want climate change lessons. Schools aren’t ready Not too long ago Coral Ben-Aharon, […]

Angry Tears Flow As Politicians Fail To Stop “Climate Darkness” In Madrid

Perhaps they wouldn’t have so many tears if they weren’t taking long fossil fueled flights from half a world away? Tears flow as politicians fail to dispel ‘climate darkness’ Standing before a captive audience at this month’s climate change conference in Madrid after entertaining them with a dance in her traditional Pacific island costume, 21-year-old […]

Open Borders Advocates Attempt To Keep Murderer From Being Deported

Remember the talking point from Open Borders advocates that they only want good immigrants, legal and illegal? Yeah, not so much Refugee paroled in California murder case, detained by ICE A Cambodian refugee who drew support from immigrant groups was released Monday from a California prison after being granted parole in a murder case, then […]

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