Open Borders Advocates Attempt To Keep Murderer From Being Deported

Remember the talking point from Open Borders advocates that they only want good immigrants, legal and illegal? Yeah, not so much

Refugee paroled in California murder case, detained by ICE

A Cambodian refugee who drew support from immigrant groups was released Monday from a California prison after being granted parole in a murder case, then immediately turned over to federal agents for possible deportation, his attorney said.

Gov. Gavin Newsom allowed the parole of Tith Ton, now 40, who spent 22 years in prison for killing a rival gang member.

“It’s deeply disappointing that the governor is choosing to work with ICE,” said Anoop Prasad, an attorney with the Asian Law Caucus. “It’s an unjust and illogical practice that is tearing apart communities in California.”

Immigrant rights groups want Newsom to end policies allowing the transfer of prison inmates to federal authorities despite California’s efforts to provide a sanctuary for immigrants.

Prasad argued that Ton had turned his life around in the past two decades and become a substance abuse counselor. In approving his release, Newsom must have agreed that Ton no longer poses a danger to the community, Prasad said.

Dozens of people rallied last month on the lawn of the state Capitol in support of Ton and others from Southeast Asia who face possible deportation.

Doesn’t matter. We let this guy in as a refugee, he joined a gang, then committed murder. Part of paying the penalty was always going to be kicking him out. He lost the right to stay. And the people protesting for him to not be deported are Useless Idiots. Let them take Ton and the other criminals into their own homes.

As far as Newsome goes, he and the others were probably surprised as heck when Ton was picked up. You can bet the only cooperation came from someone at the prison blowing off the requirement to not work with ICE and alerting them.

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5 Responses to “Open Borders Advocates Attempt To Keep Murderer From Being Deported”

  1. formwiz says:

    Related: The Demos are contemplating more impeachment hearings.

    Oh, joy! This is what everybody needs for Christmas. 50 state sweep, here we come!

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      It’s because no prez has committed as many impeachable acts as The Don.

      The far-right cheers him on as he destroys our nation.

      You guys would support Stalin and Pol Pot if they promised to ban abortion and outlaw LGBTQs.

      Do you have a more compelling argument for your support for Trumpism?

      • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

        “There is an awakening going on right now in the country,” Mr. Brewer said of black voters who traditionally support Democrats. “I’m going to take the guy who’s actually putting in the policies that are going to make life better for my young black son and my young black daughter, versus somebody who gives me lip service — like, unfortunately, the Democrats have done for our community for years.”


      • formwiz says:

        So far they have yet to come up with even one.

        And Stalin and Pol Pot are your heroes.

        Do you have a more compelling argument for your support for Trumpism?

        Wasn’t aware he was an ism like Communism. Unless you count Americanism.

        He’s doing the country a lot of good and making idiots like you crazy.

  2. Professor hale says:

    Murderers should not be deported. They should be executed. If deported, they just come back.

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