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St. Greta Goes Full Homicidal Dictator, Will Put World Leaders Up Against The Wall

Funny how so many climate cultists always want to punish people for refusing to comply with their dictates Greta Thunberg tells cheering crowd 'we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall' https://t.co/oefLd7JAo1 — Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) December 13, 2019 How dare world leaders and others not listen to the unhinged rantings […]

If All You See…

…is an angry rising see cutting away the land due to carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Busted Knuckles, with a post on an impeachment petition against Wa gov Jay Inslee and his gun grabbing AG.

CNN: Supreme Court Is Interfering With Democrats Attempts To Get Trump’s Private Records

See, because only lower courts stocked with Democrat supporters should be able to rule on Constitutional issues Intervening! Keep private records private! How dare they consider Constitutional issues! Congress should be allowed to Demand records of all citizens anytime they want! (CNN) On the same day that a Democratic-led US House committee voted for articles of […]

Cultist Mike Bloomberg Unveils His Climate Plan Or Something

Apparently, high flying Michael Bloomberg missed the part where focusing on ‘climate change’ killed off the aspirations of Jay Inslee, and doesn’t really move the needle with the even Democrats. People might care about man-caused climate change in theory, but, not in practice. Most do not want to pay even $10 a month to “solve” […]

Democracy Grief: Democrats Are Nervous Over Crappy Field, Trump Economy Doing Great

Democracy grief is real, and Democrats are living it. They seem rather upset that there are a whole bunch of people running for the nomination, which happens most years Democrats Agree on One Thing: They’re Very, Very Nervous The past three years have not been easy for the political fortunes or the emotional health of […]

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