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Welcome To The Era Of Monster Hurricanes Or Something

I’m breaking the Internet rule about using “or something” a second time in a day, but, this one deserves it. The Associated Press is getting a jump on Halloween with this headline and fear-mongering screed Welcome to the era of monster hurricanes It’s not just this year. The monster Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Jose and […]

If All You See..

…is an evil stadium using tons of electricity causing carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on Brie Larson finding her inner victim.

UN Wants Businesses, Individuals To Take The Carbon Neutral Pledge (and buy UN carbon offsets)

Brought to you by people who take long fossil fueled trips many times a year to attend conferences that complain about Other People taking fossil fueled trips, and refuse to reduce their own carbon footprints (Innovators Magazine) Businesses and individuals are being urged to join a UN initiative and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The United Nations […]

It’s Time For Companies To Boycott 2nd Amendment Supporting States Or Something

Here’s a super great idea from the Washington Post’s uber-left wing Jonathan Alter: getting companies to boycott states that uphold the principles of the 2nd Amendment. Funny how he doesn’t recommend that companies boycott Democratic Party run cities/jurisdictions that have tons of gun restrictions yet have tons of gun violence, to go along with all […]

Trump Releases His Demands For A Deal On Dreamers

Democrats and illegal alien supporters have been increasing their calls for a “clean” Dreamer bill, one which pretty much provides amnesty without any give or take, without any security measures, basically one that gives them everything they want and gives up nothing. Mr. Trump lets the illegal alien supporters know that if they want something […]

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