Welcome To The Era Of Monster Hurricanes Or Something

I’m breaking the Internet rule about using “or something” a second time in a day, but, this one deserves it. The Associated Press is getting a jump on Halloween with this headline and fear-mongering screed

Welcome to the era of monster hurricanes

It’s not just this year. The monster Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Jose and Lee that have raged across the Atlantic are contributing to what appears to be the most active period for major storms on record.

And the busiest part of hurricane season isn’t even over.

An analysis of 167 years of federal storm data by the Associated Press found that no 30-year period in history has seen this many major hurricanes, this many days of those whoppers spinning in the Atlantic, or this much overall energy generated by those powerful storms.

Is this an article or an opinion piece written by one of the Usual Warmist Suspects? Regardless, we do not have the data available to truly make these kinds of accusations, since the majority of that time period was with no satellite coverage, and, there is no way to compare to the time of the Little Ice Age, the Global Climate Optimum, nor the other Holocene warm and cool periods to see if things were different.

Nor does this prove anthropogenic causation.

Scientists caution it is too soon to draw conclusions from the data and they don’t say the intense activity confirms a trend. Storms in the distant past may have gone unnoticed, which could make earlier generations appear quieter than they were. Some scientists say past hurricane data is so weak that it’s impossible to connect the recent activity to global warming.

But more intense storms are what scientists expect to see as the planet’s climate changes because warmer ocean water is fuel for hurricanes. And they say it is important to better understand this current intense period to save lives and prevent worse future destruction.

On one hand, they say that the first 3 paragraphs shouldn’t be taken seriously, because they just don’t know. Then we get the same talking point about more doomy hurricanes that we saw right after the 2005 season, after which landfalling major hurricane activity stopped fo almost 12 years.

Was it just as busy for major storms in the 1930s or 1890s? The numbers say no, but scientists won’t draw conclusions because they fear a large undercount of storms before the 1960s.

Boom. Pretty much everything prior is shown to be a load of mule fritters.

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2 Responses to “Welcome To The Era Of Monster Hurricanes Or Something”

  1. o0Nughthawk0o says:

    If the only driver of hurricane intensity is ocean temps, the higher the temps the stronger the hurricane, then how do they explain the hurricanes in the past that were stronger than Harvey, Irma, etc. when the ocean temps were much cooler?

  2. Easy peasy, they just dismiss that as anecdotal. That way, you’re the one who’s “cherry picking,” shut up and listen to the scientists, who are you to offer a different opinion…

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