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Furor Erupts Over EPA Pulling ‘Climate Change’ Employees From Conference Or Something

This state of affairs has many in the media with Cult of Climastrology leans to become apoplectic. Slate, Washington Post, Engadget, and The Hill are just a few. And here’s the USA Today Furor erupts over EPA decision to pull climate scientists from panel discussion The Environmental Protection Agency is drawing heat for pulling its […]

If All You See…

…is horrible carbon pollution infused beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 90Ninety Miles From Tyranny, with a post on how crime ridden London has become.

Most Countries Who Love The Paris Climate Agreement Aren’t Actually Implementing It

It was extremely easy for nations to join the “landmark”, “historic” Paris Climate Agreement. Most of the requirements were actually set up to be voluntary. But, it was heralded as mega super awesome and was going to Save The Planet. Much like the Kyoto Protocol, though, it turns out that most signatories are actually doing […]

Bummer: Michigan Apple Growers Are Super Concerned Over Crackdown On Illegals

This WZZM article, which looks to have originated in the Detroit Free Press by Susan Selazky, does everything possible to minimize the notion that the apples are being picked by many, many illegal aliens, attempting to make it seem as if they are lawful Michigan apple growers could lose millions without migrant workers …. This […]

Crazy: UK Government Wants UN Treaty To Replace “Pregnant Women” With “Pregnant People” To Support The Gender Confused

Having solved all their problems, like Jihadis stabbing and running people over in the streets of London, and Muslim and Asian immigrants “grooming” kids to be sexual playthings, the UK government has turned its attention elsewhere (Fox News) The UK government objected to the term “pregnant woman” in a United Nations treaty, claiming the term […]

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