Most Countries Who Love The Paris Climate Agreement Aren’t Actually Implementing It

It was extremely easy for nations to join the “landmark”, “historic” Paris Climate Agreement. Most of the requirements were actually set up to be voluntary. But, it was heralded as mega super awesome and was going to Save The Planet. Much like the Kyoto Protocol, though, it turns out that most signatories are actually doing anything

(Breitbart) Following President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, a number of other nations have quietly begun ignoring the Paris energy goals, according to a new report out of Canada.

According to Lawrence Solomon of Energy Probe, a Toronto-based environmental organization, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of the only signers of the Paris agreement who is actually abiding by the exacting demands of the accord.

Meanwhile, Solomon notes in an essay in Friday’s Financial Post, “most signatories are ignoring, if not altogether abandoning Paris commitments, undoubtedly because voters in large part put no stock in scary global warming scenarios.”

“Trudeau now stands almost alone in sincere support of Paris,” Solomon writes. “The populist backlash — a revulsion at top-down governments laden with jet-setting politicians landing in posh places to preach restraint to the masses — has swept America with Trump’s election, Great Britain with Brexit, much of Europe, and Australia.”

“In the process, global warming enthusiasts are being swept out,” he writes.

Who’s surprised? Doing Something about Hotcoldwetdry sounds great on paper, but, as soon as citizens have to start actually ponying up their own money, as soon as it starts raising their cost of living, as soon as it starts restricting their own lifestyles and liberty, well, that’s where it all hits the fan. The Queensland 2012 elections were the bellwether, where the ruling Labor party, which pushed ‘climate change’ laws, lost so many seats that they were not even an officially recognized party in the legislature. Really, ‘climate change’ hasn’t done well at the ballot box.

And missing targets shouldn’t be any surprise. Almost no Kyoto Protocol signatories met theirs. And, Germany, which is one of the loudest voices on Hotcoldwetdry, is going to miss their 2020 Paris agreement targets. And, as the Breitbart article points out, Australia rejected the Clean Energy Target, which was their plan to comply with the non-binding Paris agreement. Furthermore, the Australian elections last week saw two parties with no interest in pursuing ‘climate change’ scam policies (which weren’t even discussed in the leadup to the election) swept into power.

Cult of Climastrology stuff sounds great on paper. Have fun, Canada.

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11 Responses to “Most Countries Who Love The Paris Climate Agreement Aren’t Actually Implementing It”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Like it or not, the US is the world’s leader. If it’s not important to us, it’s unlikely the rest of the world will follow. Why should they? Abiding by the Accord, while the right thing to do, puts them at an economic disadvantage compared to America. It’s why we have international agreements.

    The greatest impacts will be felt by our children and our children’s children – but to hell with them. No one is going to suggest to us that we gradually transition to non-carbon emitting energy sources! Freedom!!

    • david7134 says:

      Does not bother me in the least. Now, if you really want to see pollutin, go to China. You can’t see your hand in front of your face.

    • reverendken says:

      Glow BULL Warming is a FAKE pile of BS to steal our money. No one in their right mind pays it any heed.

  2. Stosh says:

    Seems most of the world wants the lights on at night when the wind isn’t blowing.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Seems most of the world wants the lights on at night when the wind isn’t blowing.

    Can you think of any other reasonable way besides burning coal or gas to get electricity at night when the wind isn’t blowing? Or are you just trolling/baiting?

    We imagine nuclear energy can be generated at night. How about energy storage, either as heat, battery supply or kinetic energy? We could even imagine using natural gas plants only at night which would cut CO2 emissions greatly.

    • david7134 says:

      Were do we begin with this stupid comment by old jeff? Well nuclear energy, Jeff you see the same stupid people that want to eliminate conventional energy source also have a stroke over nuclear plants. Then you mention batteries. Are you kidding? Batteries are the worst in terms of pollution. Then you say that power plants could use has at night as it is not as bad??? You are kidding, but you are so stupid that you might actually believe this.

      • Stosh says:

        But, but, you mean you can’t turn a power plant on and off with a simple switch when needed?!?!?!?

      • Jeffery says:


        Didn’t you formerly advocate putting CO2 filters in place, LOL?

        Nice diversion. Again, don’t nuclear plants also run at night? And you didn’t address the other ways you can shift energy production to evening other than to falsely claim that batteries are the worst in terms of pollution.

  4. Jl says:

    “The greatest impacts will be felt by our children…..” Besides a greening of the earth, what impacts? Nothing other than assertions not born out by facts.

    • Jeffery says:

      Heat waves, flooding, droughts, shifts in fresh water supplies, sea level rise, severe storms, wildfires, changes in growing seasons, changes in local climates… The adjustments will cost trillions.

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