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“The Electoral College Is Not A Creation Of The Constitution” Or Something

The head of the Sore Loser Party is not only being a sore loser, but is Constitutionally illiterate (via Hot Air) (Free Beacon)  Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez incorrectly stated “the Electoral College is not a creation of the Constitution” during a Tuesday night speech. “The Electoral College is not a creation of the […]

If All You See…

…is an evil automatic assault gun, supported by people who do not believe in climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on a Liberal changing his mind on gun control. Interestingly, I uploaded the photo before I went searching for whom to […]

Bummer: Draft Interior Dept Report Doesn’t Mention ‘Climate Change’

For those Warmists who are upset, you should have run a better candidate. Oh, and you should prove you believe by giving up your own use of fossil fuels and making your lives carbon neutral No mention of climate change in Interior’s draft strategic plan A draft version of the Interior Department’s five-year strategic plan […]

Hey, Non-Celts: Stop Appropriating Halloween

It’s the time of the year where loopy SJWs nag about costumes and cultural appropriation. Colleges across the country are lecturing on what costumes are Allowed, and which ones are Mean. They’re having lectures and symposiums, putting out memos. This occurs as well in high schools and elementary schools, where some even have said “no […]

Judge Sides With Trump On Cost Sharing Payments, Refuses To Force Federal Government To Make Them

Who would have thought that a judge would not require the federal government to not make payments to insurance companies that another judge had already ruled unConstitutional (The Hill) A federal court in California has struck down an emergency motion that would have forced the Trump administration to continue making ObamaCare subsidy payments to insurers. […]

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