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Bummer: You’re Chocolate Addiction Could Be Fueling Hotcoldwetdry

Before, the talking point was that your usage of fossil fueled vehicles, hairdryers, and plastic bags was going to wipe chocolate out. Now…. Is your chocolate bar fuelling climate change? Your afternoon chocolate bar may be fuelling climate change, destroying protected forests and threatening elephants, chimpanzees and hippos in West Africa, research suggests. Well-known brands, […]

If All You See…

…is a bridge getting closer to the water due to fossil fuels caused sea rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jihad Watch, with a post on Paris police thwarting a jihad attack on a gay nightclub.

‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Possibly Mean The End Of Coffee Beans Or Something

Today’s bit of Cult of Climastrology doomsaying CLIMATE CHANGE EFFECTS COULD MEAN THE END OF COFFEE BEANS The world never looks quite as grim with a cup of coffee in hand. But coffee, like all agricultural products, could be thrown into upheaval by climate change, making an already terrifying situation even bleaker. And a new study published in […]

Pro-Illegal Alien Groups, Democrats, Upset Over Bill Allowing Immediate Deportation For Gang Members

Pro-illegal alien supporters keep telling us that they do not want the “bad ones”, only the good ones, and then, in the next breath, show their support for the bad ones REPUBLICAN BILL WOULD DEPORT IMMIGRANTS ON SUSPICION OF BEING IN A GANG—EVEN IF THEY HAVEN’T COMMITTED A CRIME If you’re in a gang and […]

Bombing On London Subway Being Treated As Terrorist Attack

This has all the hallmarks of an Islamist attack (Daily Mail) A ‘bucket bomb’ has exploded on Tube train at the height of rush hour today sending a ‘wall of fire’ through the carriage injuring at least 20 people including children in a suspected terror attack. Terrified passengers ‘ran for their lives’ and were seen […]

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