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The Hurricanes Are Sending Trump A Message On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

It’s all about the man-made toxic gases, you guys. Probably from you, as we head over to the Miami Herald, where opinion Warmist Andre Oppenheimer apparently has nothing better to worry about President Trump, hurricanes Harvey and Irma are sending you a message As a Miami Beach resident who is writing this surrounded by sand […]

If All You See…

…are evil fossil fueled vehicles that create monster hurricanes, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on Hillary’s continuing excuse tour.

The Mexico Earthquake Is ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

In case you missed it (ABC News)  At least 15 people were killed as a magnitude-8.1 earthquake rocked Mexico late Thursday night, leveling buildings in southern Mexico, triggering tsunami warning in several countries and causing people to flee into the street, buildings to sway and lights to go out in Mexico City, some 650 miles […]

It’s Again Time For The “Climate Change Denial Should Be A Crime” Memes

Is it actually “science denial” when 95% of the climate models are wrong? Is it science denial when virtually every prediction that the Cult of Climastrology makes falls apart? Is it science denial when Skeptics note that the data is massaged, manipulated, spun, and/or manufactured? Climate disaster response rules1) save lives2) global warming is here […]

Dream Act 2017 Is Pretty Generous On Allowing Dreamers To Commit Crimes

The normal process for applying for citizenship is pretty burdensome, and requires that people have good moral character, ie, do not commit crimes. Certain crimes will immediately knock a candidate out, no matter how long they’ve resided in the U.S. Other crimes will most likely knock them out. What about with the Dream Act? Byron […]

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