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Huh: Transgendered Boy Suddenly Realizes He Doesn’t Like Being A “Girl”

Kids are weird. They want all sorts of things that may not be good for them, and a parent’s job is to attempt to mitigate the nutty behavior, especially when it can cause real big problems, not to help propagate that behavior. If a child likes stealing candy bars from the convenience store, it would […]

If All You See…

…is a stadium supporting toxic masculinity which is bad for climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Powerline, with a post on who’s on the cover of Time Magazine.

RSS And Spam Que

RSS seems to be working correctly now, after watching it for a fee days. Not sure what caused it to stop and now start. I’ve seen some comments in the spam que that shouldn’t have been. I’ve taken them out. I haven’t changed any rules, so, again, not sure why went in to start. If […]

Al Gore Warned Us About Hurricanes Or Something

It’s been noted many, many times by many, many Skeptics, including myself, that it was almost 12 years since the last major hurricane struck the United States, the longest period in our record without one. Furthermore, landfalling hurricane activity dropped precipitously after 2008, with. You could count them on one hand, which was also unusual. […]

Hot Take: Irma’s Locked And Loaded Towards Trump Properties

Remember, though, that the media is totally non-partisan and utterly un-biased, so the news media tells us. And that’s how we end up with this bit of unhinged #resist from NBC News and writer Ben Popken (via Twitchy) Irma Locked and Loaded Towards Several Trump Properties Ire and fury are expected to rain down on […]

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