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Anyone Having Security Issues On Individual Post?

I’ve notice on a few occasions yesterday and today that when I am going into individual posts I get a Jetpack (a backend WordPress plugin) warning. Makes the site very thin. And means you can’t comment. Anyone else seeing this? It’s happened on several browsers and on two completely different IPs. If yes, hit me […]

If All You See…

…is an evil road that supports fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day Moonbattery, with a post on vegan ISIS.

Irony: Al Gore’s Book Outsold By Book Debunking Gore’s Book

Hey, maybe it’s because Warmists do not want to invest the carbon pollution producing energy required to purchase the book? (Daily Caller) Former Vice President Al Gore’s new book is lagging in sales, and, in fact, is being outsold on Amazon Kindle by an e-book debunking many of the claims made in “An Inconvenient Sequel.” […]

Tom Cotton: Sure, We Can Support Dreamers, But, We Have To Shut Down The Illegal Alien Pipeline

Today is the day that President Trump is slated to announce his decision on Obama’s lawless and un-Constitutional DACA. What will he announce? We’ll see. Tom Cotton has some ideas (Washington Examiner) Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton, who after the departure of Jeff Sessions has emerged as the Senate’s leading immigration hawk, says he would […]

Washington Post: Since Impeachment Is A Long Shot, There’s Something Else Unhinged That Can Be Done

The unhinged fantasies of Democratic Party voters, and, yes, some Republicans, that Trump will be impeached are not good for their mental well being. This constant bleating that something will show up, that he’s committed some sort of crime, that they can invoked the 25th Amendment, and, further, somehow get impeach VP Mike Pence at […]

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