Anyone Having Security Issues On Individual Post?

I’ve notice on a few occasions yesterday and today that when I am going into individual posts I get a Jetpack (a backend WordPress plugin) warning. Makes the site very thin. And means you can’t comment. Anyone else seeing this? It’s happened on several browsers and on two completely different IPs.

If yes, hit me on my Twitter feed (on the sidebar) or at [email protected]

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4 Responses to “Anyone Having Security Issues On Individual Post?”

  1. The Neon Madman says:

    So far, no problems. Chrome on a Samsung Galaxy with Javascript turned off.

    • Thanks. Hoping no one else is having issues. Besides attempting to do the SSL crap, I updated the WP version and Jetpack, wondering if I have to turn the Malicious Scrip check off.

      And, interestingly, the Live Traffic and Go Stats counters are working again. And I didn’t do a damned thing to them.

  2. Gbear says:

    The magic of electrons.

  3. Gbear says:

    Seems to work for me. Win 10 on an old Asus laptop.

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