Bummer: You’re Chocolate Addiction Could Be Fueling Hotcoldwetdry

Before, the talking point was that your usage of fossil fueled vehicles, hairdryers, and plastic bags was going to wipe chocolate out. Now….

Is your chocolate bar fuelling climate change?

Your afternoon chocolate bar may be fuelling climate change, destroying protected forests and threatening elephants, chimpanzees and hippos in West Africa, research suggests.

Well-known brands, such as Mars and Nestle, are buying through global traders cocoa that is grown illegally in dwindling national parks and reserves in Ivory Coast and Ghana, environmental group Mighty Earth said.

Lest you think this is from small, fringe site, nope, the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Every consumer of chocolate is a part of either the problem or the solution,” Etelle Higonnet, campaign director at Mighty Earth, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“You can choose to buy ethical chocolate. Or you’re voting with your dollar for deforestation.”

Realistically, they do have a point: many companies use un-ethical methods which have can real damage upon the environment. I’ve mentioned this before in rants about palm oil. In this case, there are real environmental issues, but, the nutbags in the Cult of Climastrology have to not only throw ‘climate change’ in, but make it the lead in the headline and first sentence. And the minute they do that, a lot of people tune out from a situation they might otherwise say “we need to do something.”

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  1. captainfish says:

    wait.. there’s a thing called “afternoon chocolate bar” ??? I’ve been missing out.