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India Reaches 123.8 Degrees, So, Total Panic And Doom!

There were many Warmists having complete meltdowns (sic) about this yesterday on Twitter (USA Today) India sweltered to a scorching 123.8 degrees Thursday, setting a new all-time high that breaks a 60-year-old record, the India Meteorological Department said. Officials recorded the blistering temperature in Phalodi in Rajasthan state in the northwestern part of the country. It […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle needed to put out the carbon pollution caused fires, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post on Trump already backing away from his SCOTUS list.

Poll: Majority Think People Should Use Bathroom Of Their Actual Biology

This must have been painful for CBS and the NY Times to publish, though they do give it a shot at some spin about Americans being divided. You know that if the numbers were reversed, they’d be crowing about how the majority supports letting the gender confused use the bathroom of their daily identity CBS […]

North Carolina Looks To Regulate Solar And Wind, Warmists Aghast!

Much like with abortion on demand, solar and wind have enjoyed little to no regulation. A few years back, North Carolina required that abortion clinics be treated like the medical facilities they are. Things like requirements for medical standards and inspections made abotionistas very, very mad. Now we get this (News and Observer) Green energy […]

Hillary And Donald Each Say The Other Isn’t Qualified To Be President

First off, Hillary, who doesn’t feel a need to defend Bill’s honor (hey, there’s no honor to actually defend), takes on Trump (CNN) Hillary Clinton labeled her Republican rival Donald Trump “divisive and dangerous” and “unmoored” on Thursday, saying his recent behavior shows he’s not qualified to be president. She pointed to Trump’s attacks on […]

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