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Oberlin Special Snowflakes Have A Sad, Are Dropping Out

Let’s go with something different than the gender confused. We’ll go with the educationally confused (via Ace) (Reason) Oberlin College’s activist community is ready to call it quits. Progressive students are dropping out of college, citing academic and emotional difficulties stemming from their mental health problems and overall disgust with the toxic culture on campus. That’s according […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible, evil fossil fueled machine causing a flooded, muddy world, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jammie Wearing Fools, with a post on Hillary hating fracking in NY but loving it in other countries.

The Climate Change Police Head To Dallas To Assault Exxon-Mobile

And they are particularly happy to trash the 1st Amendment while being climahypocrites (Watchdog.org) Here are two questions the climate change police declined to answer Monday at the anti-ExxonMobil press conference: Did you use only renewable fuels to put on your #ExxonKnew coalition confab? Do you believe groups and individuals that don’t agree with your […]

Obama Gave $500 Million Slated For Zika To UN Climate Fund

Recently, liberal groups were aghast that Congress did not pony up as much money as they wanted in order to deal with Zika. But, they weren’t as upset about this (Daily Caller)  The Obama administration has taken $500 million appropriated by Congress to fight the Zika virus to fund the United Nations Green Climate Fund, […]

Bummer: Trump Dares To Bring Up Clinton’s Sordid Past

The Politico’s Nick Gass has a big sad over Donald Trump daring to bring up serious allegations of sexual misconduct and murder against Bill and Hillary. He doesn’t bother reaching out to any of the sexual assault victims himself, and seems rather vexed that Trump would even launch these attacks. Trump dredges up sordid Clinton […]

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