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NY Times: Darn, These Black People In Mostly Democratic Run Cities Sure Like Shooting Each Other

The NY Times has a long, long, long, long, tediously long missive on “gun violence” on their front page, which states that America is just not listening to the drumbeat. Heck, it’s in the headline: A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but America Isn’t Listening. The article starts out with a discussion of a shooting that […]

If All You See…

…is a carbon pollution created muddy world, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Cold Fury, with a post on it can’t happen here.

Virgin Islands AG Rescinds ‘Climate Change’ Subpoena

The subpoena of all materials from climate skeptical organizations was an over-reach and an abuse of power. The Virgin Islands AG has revoked it. But, don’t think this issue is over (Washington Times) Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude E. Walker has withdrawn his subpoena of the Competitive Enterprise Institute after a rash of criticism over […]

NY Times: Say, All That Leftism In South America Is Sure Failing, Eh?

The Editorial Board of the NY Times is Very Concerned about the state of the nations in South America, noting just how bad it all is, thanks to Leftism The Left on the Run in Latin America In 2004, President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, launched the Bolivarian Alternative for […]

The Donald Acknowledges Climate Change At His Irish Golf Course Or Something

There’s an axiom for the Internet that the majority of people tend to read the first 3 paragraphs or for 30 seconds, so, get your main points in quickly. Here’s a perfect example, where Politico writer Ben Schreckinger, and whichever editor wrote the headline, attempt to set a Tone Trump acknowledges climate change — at […]

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