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People Are “Self-silencing” On Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

Apparently, no one actually wants to talk about climate change, so it’s time for some psychological mumbo jumbo (Washington Post) If you want to understand why it is that on a planet wracked by climate change, people still don’t talk much about climate change, then this may be the key: They’re people. Or, more specifically, […]

If All You See…

…is a horrendous waste of non-renewable water, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on leftist thugs.

Socialism Is Working Wonders In Venezuela!

We already know many of the problems of Venezuela. The socialism has caused power reliability issues, despite being a major oil producer. They are having food riots, can’t keep toilet paper on the shelves, and no one even produces beer anymore. This is all being run by strong-arm authoritarians, who crack down on the media […]

Climate Weenies Held Protests Against Fossil Fuels Sunday

And many were arrested (ABC News) At least 57 climate change activists were arrested in conjunction with the so-called “Break Free” protests against the use of fossil fuel. The bulk of the arrests took place in Washington state this morning, when 52 activists were cited for trespassing on railroad tracks, according to the Skagit County […]

Man Who Lives Behind Walls Whines About Building Walls

When you invite one of the nastiest, most abusive politicians in all of American history to be your commencement speaker, expect him to be nasty (AP) President Barack Obama on Sunday urged college graduates to shun those who want to confront a rapidly changing world by building walls around the United States or by embracing […]

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