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Cult Of Climastrology Worried About Trump Killing Paris Agreement

One thing Trump has been consistent on is his belief that anthropogenic climate change is a scam. He cares about this issue about as much as most US citizens. In other words, it barely registers, and comes in last or next to last. And this has Warmists in a tizzy (Daily Caller) One of the […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful nature area that is ripe for solar panels, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Creeping Sharia, with a post on Muslim freeloaders.

Target Stock Is Getting Hammered Since TG Bathrooms Policy Announced

Despite the Federal government trying to force citizens to put up with gender confused people in women’s bathrooms, exposing women and girls to people who have the opposite gender plumbing, interfering with their privacy and well being, in the real world, corporate acceptance can have real world implications (CNS News) In the wake of publicizing […]

Warmists Provide A Handy Dandy Map Of Where The Cult Of Climastrology Rules

You now know which states to avoid, as their policies will increase you energy costs and cost of living Is your governor or attorney general a climate denier? https://t.co/enqp4cIcLo pic.twitter.com/u2YzYluDCi — ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) May 4, 2016 From the screed After sweating through the second straight year that earned the title of hottest year on record, […]

Sanders Supporters Call Get #DropOutHillary Trending

For all the consternation about a divided GOP, the Democrats aren’t exactly in a great place, either. The Bernie Sanders supporters are rather rabid, and totally uninterested in Hillary, for numerous reasons. Her Wall Street connections, her big money connections, her being less Leftist than Bernie, among others. So, what do they do? (Mediaite) Hillary […]

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