Cult Of Climastrology Worried About Trump Killing Paris Agreement

One thing Trump has been consistent on is his belief that anthropogenic climate change is a scam. He cares about this issue about as much as most US citizens. In other words, it barely registers, and comes in last or next to last. And this has Warmists in a tizzy

(Daily Caller) One of the lead authors of the Paris climate summit agreement told an audience in London Monday that the election of Donald Trump would likely lead to doom and gloom for the deal forged in December.

The U.S. presidential election has weighed heavily on the hearts and minds of the architects of the climate summit, and many fear a Trump presidency would spell the end for the measure aiming to regulate global carbon emissions.

“Think about the impact of the coming U.S. presidential elections,” French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, said at the meeting. “If a climate change denier was to be elected, it would threaten dramatically global action against climate disruption.”

The agreement itself will go no further than Obama’s time in office, since it was never approved nor ratified by the US Senate. So, it’s important to make sure neither Hillary nor Sanders win in November.

When it comes to Donald Trump, there are things one might criticize him over, but this is not one of those issues. There are lots of issues in which we just really don’t know where Trump truly stands. This is not one. We could easily see a President Trump nixing this agreement, while also rolling back the federal governments rules and regulations on “carbon pollution”.

PS: funny joke in the comments

How many greenies does it take to change a working light bulb?
Answer. Seventeen:

One to claim the light is out, when it really isn’t.
One to observe the light is still working but is afraid to tell anyone.
One to falsify light ‘data’ observed from the active bulb.
One to call the claim ‘science’ because he really ‘believes’ it will make him rich.
One to report the light is out when they’re just too stupid to know.
One to threaten anyone who claims the light is still working.
One to pay the light bulb changer from tax revenues.
One to ‘kick-back’ some of that payment to any politician passing supporting laws.
One to promise to vote for anyone passing a supporting law.
One to promise to make it unlawful to deny the light is out.
One to promise the new light will work better than the old light, when it really won’t.
One to demonstrate at any event held by a denier.
One to claim the entire planet is at risk because of a denier.
One to claim the entire solar system is at risk because of a denier.
One to claim the entire galaxy is at risk because of a denier.
One to claim the known universe is at risk because of a denier.
One to claim the entire unknown universe is at risk because of a denier.

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6 Responses to “Cult Of Climastrology Worried About Trump Killing Paris Agreement”

  1. JGlanton says:

    And the rest of us non-cult members cannot wait until this illegal taxation and transfer of our wealth to other nations is recalled.

  2. Jeffery says:

    So, it’s important to make sure neither Hillary nor Sanders win in November

    As demographics are not on your side, it’s imperative that the GOP suppress minority, very young and very old voters, state by state. It’s your only hope. You also must find a way to keep women from the polls in November. If only white men vote, Trump wins!

  3. John says:

    Does anyone really think there is a chance Trump could win?

  4. Dana says:

    I think that there’s a chance Donald Trump could win. I couldn’t understand how he was able to sweep through the Republican primaries, but he did. While I believe that the odds are against him, I don’t believe that it is rational to count him out.

    Donald Trump has charisma. No, I can’t see it, and I can’t understand it, but it’s obvious that he has it, while Hillary Clinton is a dead fish.

  5. Dana says:

    What the left ought to be asking is why President Obama signed an agreement that he had no intention of ever submitting to the Senate for ratification.

    Back in 1977, our second worst President ever signed the Panama Canal Treaty, which was supposed to be dead on arrival; there was no way, no way! that President Carter would ever get a 2/3 supermajority to ratify that treaty. Yet he signed it, submitted it to the Senate for ratification, lobbied for it, twisted arms, cajoled, did everything he could, and the Senate ratified the treaty.

    Now our worst President ever, in having his minions negotiate the COP-21 treaty agreement, had it put in a form that was so non-binding that ratification was not necessary. He is supposedly concerned about global warming climate change, yet pushed watering down the agreement so that not only wouldn’t it be binding on us, it isn’t binding on anyone else, either.

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