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Activists Attempt To Make Racial Issue Out Of Righteous Bust

This arrest, taped on video, has apparently created “tension”, and WRAL isn’t helping Arrest caught on camera creates tension in Roanoke Rapids An arrest of a Roanoke Rapids woman that was caught on camera by a bystander this week has created increased tension between law enforcement officers and the community. Alvina Michelle Moody, 25, was […]

If All You See…

…is a dolphin that will be eradicated, along with all other dolphins, from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with a post on people being shocked that ISIS intelligence was cooked.

Are We Ready For The Millions Of Coming Climate Refugees? Or Something

MSNBC is trotting out a Scary Story for their minuscule viewership Europe’s next crisis: Climate change could create millions of new refugees Nearly 400,000 migrants have streamed into Europe this year, setting off the continent’s largest refugee crisis since World War II. But the tide of desperation is nothing compared to the flood of environmental […]

Warmists Want To Track Urban Emissions At Every Level

Remember, most Warmists are members of the same party and belief set that says Government should stay out of all decisions when it comes to abortion, but wants the Green Police to monitor your carbon footprint Climate change: Track urban emissions on a human scale Cities need to understand and manage their carbon footprint at […]

Hillary Clinton Totally Eager To Defend Her Record At State

No, not that record regarding her email shenanigans, what with the private server and sending/receiving confidential/sensitive/Secret material. The one where she supposedly Did Something (The Hill) Hillary Clinton’s Iran speech on Wednesday isn’t a one-time event timed for votes this week on Capitol Hill, the Democratic presidential candidate’s senior aides say. The speech, in which […]

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