Hillary Clinton Totally Eager To Defend Her Record At State

No, not that record regarding her email shenanigans, what with the private server and sending/receiving confidential/sensitive/Secret material. The one where she supposedly Did Something

(The Hill) Hillary Clinton’s Iran speech on Wednesday isn’t a one-time event timed for votes this week on Capitol Hill, the Democratic presidential candidate’s senior aides say.

The speech, in which she outlined a five-point plan on Iran, is part of a larger strategy to use the deal — and the upcoming vote — as a window for telling her story of her four-year tenure as Secretary of State.

But those big meanie Republicans are out their exposing her true record

But Clinton is “eager” to have the debate, according to Jake Sullivan, a foreign policy adviser on the Clinton campaign who worked for her as a senior aide at the State Department.

“Every time she mixes it up with Republicans on these issues, she supplies further evidence of why she stands to prevail in that debate,” he said in an email to The Hill on Wednesday.


In her speech at the Brookings Institution, Clinton offered support for the Iran deal but also talked about how she would take a tough line with Tehran in a new Clinton administration.

Her message leaned heavily on her tenure at State, and she highlighted how she was a key player for Obama in the negotiations.

“President Obama and I pursued a two-prong strategy” of engagement and pressure, to “significantly raise the cost of Iranian defiance,” she said in the speech. “Meanwhile I traveled the world … twisting arms to help build the global coalition.”

Does it need mentioning that she and Obama completely blew off the Iranian Green Revolution? But, hey, if she wants to take some credit for the horrendous Iran deal, which the majority of Americans are against, go for it!

Clinton also offered comments about how she would offer strenuous military support to Israel, where the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has loudly criticized the deal. This offered Clinton a chance to stand apart from Obama.

So, something she says she will do, which she didn’t do while Obama was president.

In a conference call after the speech on Wednesday, Team Clinton, former State Department colleagues, and foreign policy experts aimed to further break down the former secretary of State’s involvement in the deal, discussing her first trip to Moscow in 2009 and how she and her team persuaded the Russians to get “on board” with sanctions against Iran.

Sanctions Russia failed to implement themselves. More on that in a minute.

And, that’s pretty much it. Maybe she has more information at her website? Well, no. One would think she would be pimping her vast experience as Secretary of State and her time as a Senator. Negative.

In fact, Hillary and her State Dept advocated heavily against many of the sanction placed on Iran. When the sanctions were passed, State used lots of waivers to exempt many countries. Her Pacific reboot was a failure, as was her Russian reboot. Our European allies have lost quite a bit of trust in the U.S. We’ve isolated many allies, including Israel and Poland (missile shield). The Arab Spring was mostly blown off. The uprising in Egypt highlighted just how discombobulated the foreign policy was under Obama/Clinton.

She has no signature doctrine, strategy, or diplomatic triumph. She was super enthused to start a war in Libya, and then ignored what happened after, including the Benghazi fiasco. Iraq has turned into a cesspool, though that is more Obama’s fault. Syria is beyond a mess. Remember when she called Assad a “reformer”? What, exactly, can she look to as a real success? Her supporters can’t name one. Seemingly, neither can she.

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4 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Totally Eager To Defend Her Record At State”

  1. Hank_M says:

    Hell, she couldn’t even get the reset button right.

    And really, the woman is just plain dumb.

    From her email dated Apr 24, 2010 to Richard Verma…””Rich, Given his [Harry Reid] recent letter to me, I need to call him soon. Can you provide suggested points for Iran and Israel? Thx”

    She needed and was asking for help before talking to Harry Reid about Iran and Israel.

    This, from our SoS.

  2. john says:

    of course Hank the SoS should never ask for opinions from others

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    What, exactly, can she look to as a real success?

    Uh, does taking bribes from shady foreign interests count?

  4. david7134 says:

    Her record:
    1. Making a fool of the US in Russia and empowering Putin.
    2. Arab Spring. Do you really think that the whole Med blew up spontaneously because of Twittering? That had CIA written all over it. I resulted in massive instability in the area and likely will lead to war.
    3. Massive kickbacks and selling of influence.
    4. Diminished power for the US. Many in Europe called Bush a cowboy. Guess what? A cowboy in their thoughts is a very powerful man.

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