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Pacific Leaders Say Paris Climate Talks Are Totally Their Last Chance

Their last chance to get lots and lots of sweet, sweet cash (AFP) Pacific leaders said Monday that upcoming climate talks in Paris are the last chance for the world to reach an agreement that can save their vulnerable island nations. The leaders of the six smallest members of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) said […]

If All You See…

…are wonderful trees which are getting in the way of building a solar farm, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Vox Popoli, with a post on whether The Donald can win.

It’s Labor Day, So, It Must Be Time To Talk About Climate Change

I’ve mentioned it time and time again: whenever this is some sort of big holiday, Warmists must link the two. I was initially disappointed that there really weren’t any unhinged Cult of Climastrology missives prior to Labor Day. How dare they break my notion of linkage! Ah, but today is the day. Let’s start here […]

Say, “Is Right Wing Extremism the Biggest Danger Facing America?”

In Liberal World, having a different political viewpoint is Dangerous. Unless you’re an Islamist. Liberals are more than willing to ignore, even defend, Islamists, both the violent ones and the ones who use the laws of Western society against us. But, if you’re a Conservative, if you believe in the sanctity of life, if you […]

Iran Deal Could Be Void Without Inclusion Of Side Deals

There’s something very interesting in the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review act, beyond the notion that it turned the typical, and Constitutional, method of the Senate approving all treaties and deals on its head, and that it could be null and void since the agreement is very different from what the INAR was all about. It […]

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