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Surprise: Carbon Scheme Pricing And Taxes Are Just Too Darned Low

One of the things members of the Cult Of Climastrology, including elected officials, media outlets, and low hanging Warmists, constantly push for is a “carbon tax”, usually in a manner that they think will only effect Other People. And they always tell us that this artificial construct would be the free market in action. For […]

If All You See…

…is a world turning into desert, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on yet another infrastructure attack in California.

We’re Saved: People Wore Green Ribbons At Emmys For “Climate Change”!

Let’s see: making a TV show uses vast amounts of energy and fossil fuels. You can bet that there are lots and lots of plastic water bottles present. Putting on the Emmys certainly uses vast amounts of energy and fossil fuels. Then you have all the fossil fuels used to transport all the stars, attendees, […]

Iran Takes Samples At Parchin Military Site Without IAEA Present

Hey, remember when Liberal supporters of the Iran deal were scoffing at the notion of a secret side deal between Iran and the IAEA which would allow Iran to do their own inspection of their Parchin facility, even going so far as to refer to those who believed the AP report as “Parchin Truthers”? Remember […]

Obama Administration To Accept 200,000 “Refugees” Through 2017

Fantastic! Nothing like bringing tons more people from war torn countries with a history of Islamic extremism, who will mostly not speak our language, won’t share even the most basic of American values, and will immediately demand government assistance, over the needs of American citizens (NY Times) The Obama administration will increase the number of […]

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