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If All You See….

…is a horrid fossil fueled vehicle, which No One Else should be allowed to drive, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post on Iran promising to set fire to US interests.

Disgusting: Warmist Links Syrian Boy’s Death To “Climate Change”

Remember this from a few days ago? https://twitter.com/MsIntervention/status/639164785955840000 Unhinged Warmist Fram Dimshaw makes the link, using the picture on the right to push his Cult This is what a climate refugee looks like A policeman tenderly scoops up the corpse of a small child on a desolate beach and within hours the image is an […]

Say, Why Is Science So Darned Straight?

Things That Are Important at the Paper Of Record, as brought to us in the opinion section by Manil Suri Why Is Science So Straight? MANY years ago, over lunch at our university cafeteria, I came out as gay to a colleague in the engineering department. “I didn’t realize you were so unconventional,” he said. […]

Hillary Is Totally Sorry You’re “Confused” About Her Email Scandal

See, it’s not really about the potential violations of federal law, including the Espionage Act. It’s not about her potentially exposing classified and sensitive government information, much less improperly handing the same. It’s not about the potential for the information to be hacked. Nor about the server being insecure. Nor using the server being a […]

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