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NY Times Editorial Board Goes 9/11 Truther In Article About GOP “Crazy Talk”

Let’s not forget that more than half of Democrats believed that George Bush knew about the attacks, and let them happen/made them happen. There are many other similar polls. But, hey, yeah, we’re the crazy ones Crazy Talk at the Republican Debate And that, America, is frightening. Peel back the boasting and insults, the lies […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Raised on Hoecakes, with a post on whether capitalism is moral.

Biden Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Say “Deniers” Would Deny Gravity

Well, bless his heart (US News) Taking aim at his potential political opponents, Vice President Joe Biden railed Wednesday against Republicans who “deny climate change” and want to shut down the federal government over funding for Planned Parenthood, and pleaded with them to “just get out of the way.” Biden came to California, a national […]

Warmists Call For RICO Investigation Of Skeptics In Letter To Obama And Attorney General

Shockingly, Warmists get upset when I refer to them as Progressives, which were termed “nice fascists” by Jonah Goldberg in his book “Liberal Fascism”. The nice part refers to them doing things “for your own good”. Apparently, stifling dissent through hardcore federal investigations is now for your own good (Politico) Twenty climate scientists called for […]

Dems Don’t Want To Watch Planned Parenthood Videos In House Hearing

For all their caterwauling about the Planned Parenthood videos, for all their complaints, few will actually watch them. They do not want to be disabused of their notion that PP is super awesome (Breitbart) The hearing in the House subcommittee on health of the Committee on Energy and Commerce was to consider proposals to expand […]

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