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AP Style Book Comes Out With New Way To Define Warming And Skeptics

The AP Stylebook is the definitive guide for “reporters” in their writings, and they’ve come up with some changes to warming and Skeptics, as guided by hyper-warmist Seth Borenstein (AP) global warming The terms global warming and climate change can be used interchangeably. Climate change is more accurate scientifically to describe the various effects of greenhouse […]

If All You See…

…is a marshland that will soon be swallowed by the sea, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Fire Andrea Mitchell, with a post noting the 2007 Hillary campaign starting the Obama’s not an American meme.

Which Killed More, Sharks Or Selfies?

It’s the age old canard…well, if you consider over 16 years “old”, since phones with cameras haven’t really been around that long. The first commercially available one hit the market in South Korea in 2000. It wasn’t till 2002 that a US carrier, Sprint, started selling one. They were all clunky with very low resolution, […]

Are Trees Revolting Over “Climate Change”, Or Just Confirming The Pause?

The obvious answer seems to miss members of the Cult Of Climastrology Global warming: are trees going on strike? Trees, crucial absorbers of climate-harming carbon dioxide gas, may finally be balking at an ever-earlier spring season brought on by global warming, researchers said Wednesday. Over the past several decades, trees across central Europe have been […]

Fish Wrap: Middle East Security Necessary Now That Iran’s Getting Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars

The New York Times Editorial Board publishes an editorial that is truly worthy of only wrapping stinky, dead fish. They’re super enthused by the Iran deal, thumbing their noses at Republicans and those few Democrats who wanted to kill it (and still could, if Mitch McConnell had a spine), but, still, inadverdently tell us a […]

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