Are We Ready For The Millions Of Coming Climate Refugees? Or Something

MSNBC is trotting out a Scary Story for their minuscule viewership

Europe’s next crisis: Climate change could create millions of new refugees

Nearly 400,000 migrants have streamed into Europe this year, setting off the continent’s largest refugee crisis since World War II. But the tide of desperation is nothing compared to the flood of environmental refugees that could be created by unchecked climate change, experts and elected officials warn.

President Obama set the tone in a speech last week in Alaska, where he summoned images of “desperate refugees,” “entire industries of people who can’t practice livelihoods” and “political disruptions that could trigger conflicts around the world.” Secretary of State John Kerry dubbed them “climate refugees,” and warned of a global fight for food, water and “mere survival.”

Blah blah blah. Typical. Rather than dealing with the real issues that create floods of refugees, the Cult of Climastrology replaces the root causes with their pet beliefs. Yes, climate in all fashions has caused problems throughout the period of life on Earth. Warmists need a reason to Blame Mankind.

Just not enough to give up their own big carbon footprints.

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2 Responses to “Are We Ready For The Millions Of Coming Climate Refugees? Or Something”

  1. john says:

    yes Teach it is true the warmists have taken over our military who say that huge movements of populations are indeed a national security issue.
    And of course absolute perfectionism in others IS a good excuse to invalidate science and insult our military. Teach do you really expect or want that the warmist military to stop using all fossil fuels ?

  2. jl says:

    John- I must have missed the part of this post that was about the military. Are these voices in your head? And by the way, science is “invalidated” all the time, as when someone shows some theory to be false.

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