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If All You See…

…is a freezing cold sea getting colder from too much fossil fueled heat, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Fire Andrea Mitchell, with a post on Rudy Giuliani schooling Megyn Kelly.

The Perfect #JobsForJihadis

Because, obviously, the best way to stop jihad is to create jobs for them. Now, we could get them jobs as pig farmers. Or, they could do the jobs that Americans won’t. But what’s the best idea? Garbage men. Think about it. They can come around and greet each can with a hearty “Alahu Ackbar!” […]

Warmists Continue Propagating Notion That Cold Is Caused By Heat

There was a time when Science would have reached out and smacked down idiocy like this. Now it’s more like “science” Climate change driving brutal winter? Prolonged cold snaps on the East Coast, California drought and frozen mornings in the South all have something in common — the atmospheric jet stream that transports weather systems […]

Straight Aide To Tammy Baldwin May Sue For Sexual Discrimination

Get the popcorn ready (Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel) A former top staffer to U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin has rejected a proposed severance deal that would have required her to remain silent regarding what she knew about the problems at the troubled Tomah VA Medical Center. Now Marquette Baylor, ex-deputy state director for Baldwin and chief […]

Bummer: Illegal Aliens Whine About Feeling Stuck After Judge Blocks Obama’s Immigration Schtick

Aww, poor little illegal aliens Immigrants feel stuck after judge blocks Obama orders Brenda Armendariz, her husband and their two Mexico-born children were hoping to resolve their constant fears of being deported after President Barack Obama issued his latest executive orders on immigration. But now that a federal judge in Texas has blocked Obama’s efforts […]

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