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Typical Believer: Newspapers Should Publish Debates Between Warmists And Skeptics

It was actually rather tough, figuring out the headline, since this letter to the Duluth News Tribune by Peter Johnson is a mishmash of Warmist thoughts beliefs Reader’s view: Newspapers should publish climate-change evidence Human-caused climate change is real and supported overwhelmingly by climate scientists worldwide. It’s funny how so many man-made global warming deniers […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful big city, a great place for Warmists to live with people who think exactly the same, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Jawa Report, with a post on an “Islmophobia” expert joining ISIS.

Warmist Al Roker: All These Winter Storms Are “Climate Change”

Cultists just can’t help themselves (Real Clear Politics) AL ROKER: Boston, as of this point, is at the #2 snowiest winter ever.  LARRY KING: Is this all part of climate change?  AL ROKER: I think it is. Look, you can’t point to any one event and say this is climate change, but what climate change […]

27% Of British Muslims Sympathize With Motives Behind Attack On Charlie Hebdo

Again, to be clear, and thwart Leftist attempts at deflection, distraction, and strawman arguments, this does not blame all Muslims. What it does show is that the hardcore brand of Islam is spreading, gaining traction, and influencing larger and larger populations of Islam (UK Daily Mail) More than a quarter of British Muslims have sympathy […]

Net Neutrality: A Solution In Search Of A Problem (That Will Create More Problems)

Randolph J. May wonders whether the FCC is a lawless organization, in terms of a background in how the Constitution creates our form of government in light of the way the British authorities simply “dispensed power”, a “form of exercise of royal prerogative under which the king could excuse himself or his favored subjects from […]

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