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Naomi Klein: Divestment Movement Makes Nationalization Easier

Naomi Klein is one of the few Warmists who admit what one of the main reasons for the Warmist movement is: hard core Progressive values, which includes the central government taking over economic activity. She continues with this in a Grist interview, which is on the power of the fossil fuels divestment movement Another point […]

If All You See…

…are horrible kitchen appliance which are left plugged in leading to vampire power loss, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post on Obama’s lame ISIS resolution.

Big Wind Practicing Mountain-top Removal In Vermont

I’ve mentioned multiple times that I am no big fan of coal, and would like to see it replace with a viable alternative that is environmentally cleaner (environmentally meaning the environment, not CO2) and has a similar power density and cost. Furthermore, mountaintop removal has always been horrible, though, it is considerably safer for workers […]

Washington Post Very Concerned Over Scott Walker Leaving College Early

These are the kinds of stories that will emanate from the Credentialed Media as the silly season, ie, primaries leading to the general election, approaches and gets in full swing, at least as how it applies to Republicans. There will be lots of concerned articles as well as “just wondering”, like how they wondered multiple […]

Chapel Hill Murders Called “Hate Crime” By Father

Chapel Hill police are pretty sure that the murders occurred over a parking dispute. Obviously, many are immediately jumping to this being a hate crime. Aren’t most murders rather about hate? (Raleigh N&O) The news spread fast on social media, where many didn’t believe the killer’s motive could be explained by an argument about parking. […]

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