Big Wind Practicing Mountain-top Removal In Vermont

I’ve mentioned multiple times that I am no big fan of coal, and would like to see it replace with a viable alternative that is environmentally cleaner (environmentally meaning the environment, not CO2) and has a similar power density and cost. Furthermore, mountaintop removal has always been horrible, though, it is considerably safer for workers than going underground. Good thing the Warmist movement isn’t doing anything similar, right?

Environmentalists Shave Off Entire Mountaintops In The Name Of Environmentalism

This is solar power in Vermont: clearcutting, mountaintop removal and tons of waste.

It’s the destructive new form of “renewable” energy that leftists are touting.

But some environmentalists are complaining the costs of wind energy don’t live up to the benefits.

Here’s what that looks like

In all fairness, that’s not as bad as what occurs for coal, but, it is environmental destruction….in the name of saving the environment. Go figure

The article also provides this quote from Mark Whitworth, owner of Energize Vermont

“The claims Green Mountain Power makes for Lowell’s carbon avoidance are inflated. They claim that the wind turbine complex avoids 74,000 tons of carbon a year. That may sound like a lot, but it’s equivalent to the amount of carbon emitted by New York City traffic in less than half a day,” Whitworth said.

“The turbines are projected to last 20 years. … The amount of carbon (Lowell would avoid) is less than two weeks of carbon produced by New York City traffic. We traded an intact ecosystem, a vital wildlife habitat, for less than two weeks of New York City carbon emissions. It’s not a good trade.”

Huh. We also get this quote from article cited in the first exerpt

“The intact ecosystem, the wildlife habitat that we destroyed, is required to enable plant and animal species to adapt and survive climate change. So, we claim to be concerned about climate change, but we’re destroying the habitat that plants and animals are going to require in order to adapt to climate change. Climate change is here. It can’t be reversed, even if were to stop emitting carbon altogether right now,” he said.

Warmists are destroying pristine wild areas to install solar and wind projects. For negligible results.

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3 Responses to “Big Wind Practicing Mountain-top Removal In Vermont”

  1. John says:

    I am estimating that cleared area to be 1 acre
    Negligible results ? Better post some cites to back that one up
    Wind power all over the world is way ahead of projected estimates
    New position on coal ? No more whining about opposition to coal plants?

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    Photo above – winter Robins taken by a reader. Many Robins and Bluebirds in New England do not migrate, and live on old fruit. Sometimes they get drunk on fermented fruit and berries. What We Know About the Earliest History of Chocolate – And what w

  3. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D. says:

    That photo doesn’t even begin to describe what a wreck was made of Lowell Mountain to build those worse-than-useless religious artifacts of the Easter Island variety.

    There are 21 of those things up on that ridgeline, and all you see from down below is the towers sticking up through the trees. To see the utter carnage, mutilation, and maiming that was inflicted, you have to fly over the site (I have). The entire ridge was gouged and torn apart for that project.

    An utter disgrace.

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