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Obama Attempts Leftist Moral Equivalency at Prayer Breakfast

He, unshockingly, has a big problem in naming Islamic terrorism and extremism, but does trot out the leftist trope about those evil Christians (AP) President Barack Obama condemned those who seek to use religion as a rationale for carrying out violence around the world, declaring Thursday that “no god condones terror.” “We are summoned to […]

If All You See…

…is horrible canned food that makes people fat which is bad for climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Fire Andrea Mitchell, with a post noting that every business started by Al Sharpton has tax problems.

“Climate Change” Could Cause Less Snow, But More Extreme Storms

This sounds familiar. As I’ve noted multiple times, Warmists claimed that “climate change” would cause more tropical storms that would impact land, especially blowing a gasket after the big year of 2005. Almost immediately, tropical systems started drying up, with landfalling storms dropping considerably. Then they claimed that Hotcoldwetdry would mean that there would not […]

UK PM David Cameron: The ‘Disease’ Of Jihadist Extremism Is Spreading Worldwide

It’s nice to see that Cameron can actually say that this is Islamic extremism. He has seemed to recognize the threat from extremist Islam, which isn’t just from the violent ones, but also from those who are “mostly peaceful”, and want to replace our modern first world societies with their repressive, regressive, 7th century notions, […]

GOP Release Obamacare Replacement Plan

Democrats and their 90% Liberal media partners have long complained that the GOP has no plan to replace Obamacare. Well, two points: first, why is it necessary to have a plan to replace a bad plan? Second, the GOP actually has several different plans to replace Ocare, and have never been able to get together […]

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