Bummer: Illegal Aliens Whine About Feeling Stuck After Judge Blocks Obama’s Immigration Schtick

Aww, poor little illegal aliens

Immigrants feel stuck after judge blocks Obama orders

Brenda Armendariz, her husband and their two Mexico-born children were hoping to resolve their constant fears of being deported after President Barack Obama issued his latest executive orders on immigration.

But now that a federal judge in Texas has blocked Obama’s efforts to protect four million more immigrants, her family is disillusioned and her children feel stuck as the president’s offer of temporary legal status moves frustratingly beyond their reach.

Should we go with a sarcastic, “aww, poor babies”, or a more realistic “Tough sh!t”?

About a third of the immigrants now living in the United States illegally would be eligible for temporary protection if Obama’s latest orders are upheld in court, either because they were brought to the U.S. as children or because their own children have legal status in the country.

But the advances and retreats on reform have been so frequent over the years that many thousands of immigrants who are already eligible for protection have given up for now — they aren’t applying for the work permits and Social Security numbers they are entitled to under Obama’s first executive order in 2012.

Good. They should not be here in the first place. It matters little how nice they are, what their aspirations and dreams are.

Armendariz and her husband came to Tucson a decade ago with a son and daughter, meaning to stay just long enough to earn some cash and head home to the Mexican state of Sonora. Instead, they overstayed their visas and settled down. Those children are now 21 and 13, joined by two American citizen siblings: a 3-year-old boy and a one-month-old girl.

So, they voluntarily overstayed their visas, meaning they were intentionally breaking the law. Yet, we’re supposed to feel sorry for them? And reward them? If you voluntarily drive drunk and crash into someone’s car, you aren’t going to get a pat on the head and a gift of $22,000.

Aguirre Armendariz had to drop out of community college her freshman year because her family couldn’t afford the out-of-state tuition that immigrants lacking legal status must pay in Arizona. She was studying engineering and wants to go back to school, but is stuck helping her mom make and sell tortillas and bread.

Sorry, no sympathy. There are lots of folks who pay out of state tuition. I did. And said illegals were soaking up taxpayer money used to fund those community colleges, which may have been used for legal citizens.

Armendariz’s 13-year-old boy is still in public school and had his hopes set on Disneyland, but those too were dashed; driving far from home remains too risky and expensive, she said.

Whose fault is that? The judges? The citizens who oppose any sort of amnesty? Or the parents who willing broke the law, and now demand that the U.S. cowtow to them? Perhaps there might not be so much opposition if illegals were humble about their plight, rather than demanding while throwing out sob stories.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Illegal Aliens Whine About Feeling Stuck After Judge Blocks Obama’s Immigration Schtick”

  1. Deserttrek says:

    too bad illegal aliens … if your economic help is so important to the economy , go back to mex and help fix it

  2. david7134 says:

    To the Illegal aliens: In order for you to benefit from Obama, you have to come out of the shadows and give all your information. As you can see, there is a great divide in this country on allowing you to have legitimate status. So, when Obama is gone in two years, are you really certain that all that information you gave is not going to be used against you?—-Personally, I would not trust this government at all.

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