The Perfect #JobsForJihadis

Because, obviously, the best way to stop jihad is to create jobs for them. Now, we could get them jobs as pig farmers. Or, they could do the jobs that Americans won’t.

But what’s the best idea?

Garbage men. Think about it. They can come around and greet each can with a hearty “Alahu Ackbar!” as they grab it forcefully. Then, when their round is done, they head to the landfill, dump their days work, and blow it up.

People drop off their old TVs and computers and stuff, they can blow that up, too. Or hit it with a sword. Or shoot it. They can truly exercise their violent tendencies away while performing a valuable service for which they not only get paid, but receive generous government benefits.

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2 Responses to “The Perfect #JobsForJihadis”

  1. Blick says:

    Obviously GW Bush’s prosperity strategy for the Middle East was not specific enough; it has to be Jobs created by Liberals. Maybe liberals should try that strategy closer to home, say Detroit or South Chicago to see if it works. Oh, they have tried it — Job Corps. War in Poverty, Welfare, WIN/WIC. etc. etc. all run by liberals.

  2. Dana says:

    ‘Twas -5º F, with a wind chill of -25º F, this morning — thanks, no doubt, to global warming! — when I drove down First Street in Lehighton this morning, and noticed that the garbagemen had already been through. I absotively, posilutely admire and respect the men who get out and work, in ridiculous conditions, just to get a necessary job done.

    The jihadi? They’d probably make their women do the work.

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