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Sigh: Can Yoga Solve Hotcoldwetdry?

https://twitter.com/WilliamTeach/status/543419037280370688 Yoga pants might!

Rep. Jackie Spears (D-Ca): Let’s Apologize To Terrorists For CIA Torture

Hey, she’s just saying what Liberals are thinking. Via Hot Air, where you can watch the video Speier: Every single page had something in the executive summary that shocked me. Whether it was the rehydration anally or keeping them sleep deprived for one-hundred and eighty hours with their hands over their head in shackles. That […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful carbon friendly bicycle riding over the desertified remains of land, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post wondering if we’re turning our boys into cupcakes.

Bummer: Hotcoldwetdry Is Messing Up Your Christmas Tree

Bad me, I missed this one back on December 1st, whereas Warmists started their typical “let’s ruin Christmas by interjecting “climate change” into the season” schtick Climate Change Is Messing Up Your Christmas Tree Owners of spotty and bare Christmas trees this winter can blame the California drought. Farmers say they’ve noted “dry spots” and […]

Almost Half The States Now Part Of Lawsuit Against Obama’s Unconstitutional Immigration Order

Recently I noted that there were 16 States suing over Obama’s unilateral executive amnesty. Now… (Fox News Latino by way of AP) Four more states have joined a Texas-led coalition suing the Obama administration over executive action on immigration. The addition of Arkansas, Michigan, North Dakota and Oklahoma brings to 24 the number of states […]

Know What’s Apparently Dangerous To Democracy? Partisan Debate Over CIA Report

The Washington Post’s Charles Lane is Very Upset that people might have differing views on the 100% Democrat Party written CIA torture report. But, then, Leftists are usually often always Very Upset over people taking a differing view. What they want is a monologue Why the partisan debate over CIA oversight is so dangerous The Senate […]

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