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Is It Really A Surprise That #COP20Lima Has A Massive Carbon Footprint?

Normally, I would do a headline like “Surprise! #COP20Lima Has a Massive Carbon Footprint”, but, hey, It’s not really a surprise in the least, and the sarcasm of using “Surprise!” would be redundant Lima Climate Talks Set for Record Carbon Footprint The current U.N. climate talks will be the first to neutralize all the greenhouse […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful bike working hard to stop the massive rise of the seas, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jammie Wearing Fools, with a post on the leftwing climate of hate.

UVA Decides Not To Reinstate Greek System Quite Yet

Despite knowing exactly which fraternity was accused in the Rolling Stone rape allegation, the University Of Virginia decided to suspend all Greek system activities. No evidence, no due process. So, now that so much of the story has fallen apart, you didn’t really think that the administration would do the right thing, did you? Well, […]

#COP20Lima: Climate Aid Isn’t Charity, But Reparations

But, don’t you dare say that “climate change” has nothing to do with Leftist politics At Lima Talks, Nations Worst Hit by Global Warming Say Climate Aid Isn’t Charity, But Reparations …. AMY GOODMAN: There are many in the United States, particularly Republicans in Congress, saying, “I mean, we just can’t afford this.” Would you […]

Salon: American Exceptionalism Is Dead Or Something

You might be asking why? It’s because rarely does ever anything come from demonstrations by far left nutjobs who enjoy burning, looting, violence, rapes, murder, and other crime. Of course, author David Dayen forgets to mention that part, but he does remember the upside down and tattered American flag American exceptionalism is dead: Why the […]

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