UVA Decides Not To Reinstate Greek System Quite Yet

Despite knowing exactly which fraternity was accused in the Rolling Stone rape allegation, the University Of Virginia decided to suspend all Greek system activities. No evidence, no due process. So, now that so much of the story has fallen apart, you didn’t really think that the administration would do the right thing, did you? Well, the right thing in Reality Land, in Due Process Land, in Law Land, no, they went with Leftie Land

(AP) The University of Virginia refused to reinstate Greek activities that were suspended after a Rolling Stone article alleged a woman was gang raped at a fraternity house, despite the magazine acknowledging mistakes in its reporting, but officials said Monday that the story and debate has led it to create a group to explore its policies and campus culture.

Last month’s article and revelations late last week about Rolling Stone missteps that casted doubt on the story prompted an “intense, ongoing period of introspection,” the university said in a news release. It led to the creation of a group of faculty and students that will review policies, practices, organization structure and resources to “support the ultimate goal of providing an outstanding education while ensuring the safety and well-being of students,” the release said.

But, of course. This is a continuation of the “fake but accurate” narrative, blaming everyone and putting the burden on those who had nothing to do with the issue.

The group’s work will focus on: culture, including student behavior, Greek life, alcohol and other drug use and student self-governance; prevention, including bystander training, peer education and physical safety such as lighting, camera systems and policing; and response, including survivor support, training for students and faculty, and its policies for handling incidents.

And, along the way, perhaps a recognition of 4th Amendment rights and abuse of power by the university.

While (university President Teresa A.) Sullivan remains sensitive to concerns about broadly indicting the entire Greek system, the school said the purpose of the suspension was to give officials and fraternity and sorority leaders time to “pause to identify solutions that would best ensure the well-being and safety of students.”

In other words, everyone is guilty till proven innocent, and there is no method in which to allow anyone to be proven innocent.

It is strange that there is such an issue with sexual assault on liberal college campuses, eh?

BTW, why has the media focused on UVA while ignoring several other high profile rape cases?

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8 Responses to “UVA Decides Not To Reinstate Greek System Quite Yet”

  1. John says:

    And Clemson went all PC on one of their feats just for having a Cripmas party
    What’s so racist about that ?

  2. gitarcarver says:

    What’s so racist about that ?

    Well gee golly john, there is nothing racist about it.

    Obviously the “Cripmas” party was a play on words, but in your zeal to paint the frat as something racist, it should be noted that the FBI says the Crips street gang has members that are males, females, black, white and Hispanic.

    There was nothing wrong with the party on a campus that should be defending free speech and different points of view – even at a party.

    But you are right – the administration went all “PC” on the frat because the school’s belief in free speech and free association goes about as deep as an ant’s brain.

    Now that we have figured that out, do you care to address the core issue of the original post?

    Why should groups be punished when they have done nothing wrong?

    One of the hallmarks of American justice is that it is better to let one guilty person go free than to punish a single innocent person. Do you not believe in that, john?

    Even if you do not, why are the frats that had nothing to do with the incident – even as told by “Jackie’s” (almost assuredly false) tale – being penalized by UVA?

    Is it your contention that the UVA sororities – FEMALE sororities – ganged up and helped someone or some group attack Jackie?

    Is that where you want to go? That’s the extent of your thought process?

    Tell us all, john, if Jackie’s (almost assuredly false) tale is proven to be a lie, under your logic, shouldn’t the Woman’s Crisis Center at which Jackie worked be shut down? According to you, aren’t all of the people working they culpable in the lies and harm Jackie has caused?

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