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Study: Soft Corals May Survive Hotcoldwetdry

Who woulda thunk it? New study shows South Florida soft corals may withstand climate change As the oceans absorb more carbon on a planet increasingly choked by greenhouse gases, scientists worry its reefs — the great storm-deflecting rampart for much of the tropics — will crumble and fall. But for the first time, a new […]

If All You See…

…is an evil Christmas tree which pushes consumerism which is bad for climate change of which you’ll lecture your relatives and friends on your paid day off, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Joshuapundit, with a post discussing the terror incident in Sydney.

NY Times Wonders If It’s Bad Enough For Ya

More navel gazing,  generalized hatred of police, and denigration of America (NY Times) THE police killing unarmed civilians. Horrifying income inequality. Rotting infrastructure and an unsafe “safety net.” An inability to respond to climate, public health and environmental threats. A food system that causes disease. An occasionally dysfunctional and even cruel government. A sizable segment […]

What Say To “Climate Change” Christmas Carols?

Warmists can’t help themselves. They have to interject themselves and their insane non-science cult into everything. This bit of nutbaggery comes from the New Yorker. Here’s a sampling OH, THE WEATHER outside is frightful, The heat wave brutal and spiteful. Our crops have no water to grow— Let it snow, let it snow, let it […]

NY Post: 2014, The Year Of The Liberal Lie

Of course, every year is the year of the Liberal Lie, because, let’s face it, liberals must lie to get people to believe them. Some years are just worse than others (NY Post) Bowe Bergdahl. The IRS’s missing e-mails. Lena Dunham. “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Jonathan Gruber. GM and that faulty ignition switch. Andrew Cuomo […]

Texas Has A Law Protecting People Who Say “Merry Christmas”

It’s amazing that we actually need laws to protect free speech (Ft Worth Star Telegram) This is Texas. So you can safely toss the generic holiday greetings out the door. As students head into the final week before “winter break” and plan for their “winter parties” state lawmakers are reminding residents that they are free […]

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