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It’s Almost Time For New Year’s Resolutions

More at Caveman Circus. BTW, if you wondered why things have been slow in the afternoons the past week, that’s due to the parents being in town, and then catching a really bad case of the flu. By the afternoon, I’m either asleep or have little motivation.

Say, How Do We Pay For “Climate Change” Safety?

By completely changing the financial systems of the world, of course! (SMH) The purpose of the global financial system is to allocate the world’s savings to their most productive uses. When the system works properly, these savings are channeled into investments that raise living standards; when it malfunctions, as in recent years, savings are channeled […]

This Year’s Brasstown Possum Drop May Feature Possum Roadkill Or Stew

PETA has long had a burr up their bums over the use of a live possum, put in a cage and slowly dropped on New Year’s Eve. Why? They have nothing better to do. This year might be a bit different (Raleigh N&O) The annual “Possum Drop” celebration in the mountain community of Brasstown will […]

Slate’s Top 10 “Civil Liberties Violations” Of 2014 Is A Hoot

When one thinks about bat guano insane webzines, Salon is usually one of the first recipients of that thought. Salon is so barking moonbat that I often wonder if they do it on purpose, that they’re simply trolling the Internet, that this their articles are over-the-top on purpose. Then we get to Slate, which acts […]

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