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DHS Head Jeh Johnson Has A Bit Of A Problem Explaining How Amnesty Helps Americans

But, then, it isn’t meant to help Americans overall, just the Democrat Party Of course,  Obama’s pick for ambassador to Hungary is also pretty darned pathetic.

If All You See…

…is an evil fire killing off trees and causing the Earth’s temperature to increase wildly sometime in the future, you might just be a Warmist Yeah, this one might be a little more risque than normal, but, eh. The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post noting that French jihadis aren’t […]

Oops: Japan Uses $1 Billion In Supposed UN Climate Change Funds To Build Coal Plants

Interestingly, the most important part is not about how the money was used (Newsweek) About $1 billion in Japanese funding that Japan claimed was part of a UN initiative to help developing countries take action against climate change went, unnoticed, towards Japanese companies for the construction of three coal-fired power plants, the Associated Press reported Monday. Coal-burning […]

Weather Is Totally Hotter And Weirder Because Of “Climate Change” Or Something

Let’s review: “climate change” refers to anthropogenic global warming, a notion that Mankind is causing the Earth to become warmer through our output of greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide. It was renamed “climate change” in order to cover ever single weather occurrence, including cold, snow, and ice. Furthermore, calling it “climate change” allows Warmists to […]

Did IRS Illegally Share Taxpayer Data With White House?

It sure appears that way, since the IRS is defying a court order to turn over documents. It also should come as no surprise that most media outlets have completely ignored this story (Fox News) An IRS watchdog is acknowledging that thousands of documents related to requests between the White House and the tax agency […]

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