Weather Is Totally Hotter And Weirder Because Of “Climate Change” Or Something

Let’s review: “climate change” refers to anthropogenic global warming, a notion that Mankind is causing the Earth to become warmer through our output of greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide. It was renamed “climate change” in order to cover ever single weather occurrence, including cold, snow, and ice. Furthermore, calling it “climate change” allows Warmists to link virtually everything to their pet cultish beliefs about “carbon pollution”. And we can always rely on AP writer Seth Borenstein to bring the crazy

Hotter, weirder: How climate has changed Earth

In the more than two decades since world leaders first got together to try to solve global warming, life on Earth has changed, not just the climate. It’s gotten hotter, more polluted with heat-trapping gases, more crowded and just downright wilder.

The numbers are stark. Carbon dioxide emissions: up 60 percent. Global temperature: up six-tenths of a degree. Population: up 1.7 billion people. Sea level: up 3 inches. U.S. extreme weather: up 30 percent. Ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica: down 4.9 trillion tons of ice.

How cute. Most of the past two decades have been a time where the global temperature has risen in what is called a “statistically insignificant” way. It has not gone up 0.6 degrees (Borenstein doesn’t say whether Celsius or Fahrenheit). Sea levels did not rise 3 inches in 20 years (in fact, they only rose 7 inches during the 20th Century. One would expect at least double that during a Holocene warm period). Antarctica has been growing. Arctic sea ice has been growing over the past few years. The U.S. has seen some of the quietest years for tropical storms, tornadoes, and wildfires (technically, wildfires are not weather, but, Warmists have decided that it is for political purposes).

Oh, and none what Borenstein wrote proves anthropogenic causation.

“Simply put, we are rapidly remaking the planet and beginning to suffer the consequences,” says Michael Oppenheimer, professor of geosciences and international affairs at Princeton University.

Strange, because Mankind has always done better during warm periods, not cold periods. Of course, what this article and its complaints are about is the Conference On The Parties, the UN IPCC working vacation (often paid for by taxpayers) that takes place in Lima, Peru, where a handful of so-called climate scientists and a boatload of government bureaucrats and politicians gather together after long fossil fueled flights to complain about the use of fossil fuels.

“Overall, what really strikes me is the missed opportunity,” Andrew Dessler, a climate scientist at Texas A&M University, said in an email.

“We knew by the early 1990s that global warming was coming, yet we have done essentially nothing to head off the risk. I think that future generations may be justifiably angry about this.”

If only Warmists had led the way and given up their own use of fossil fuels, stopped using hair dryers, ice makers, air conditioning, heating, washers and dryers, refrigerators, fireplaces, cable boxes/DVRs, televisions….really, almost everything. It is interesting that the measures that Warmists push are the same as the push for everything else: more taxation, more government control of industry, businesses, and people.

“The numbers don’t lie,” said Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Penn State. “Greenhouse gases are rising steadily and the cause is fossil fuel burning and other human activities. The globe is warming, ice is melting and our climate is changing as a result.”

Is this the same Michael Mann who falsely claims he is a Noble Prize winner, and refuses to appear in court? Anyhow, if CO2 is rising, and it is at fault, then why

Humph. Strange.

From Climate Depot

That’s right, Borenstein complains about population, as well. Interestingly, most Warmists are concerned about population in places like Africa. Since they casually link CO2 to warming, we can do the same in saying Warmists, who are primarily Leftists, hate Black people.

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9 Responses to “Weather Is Totally Hotter And Weirder Because Of “Climate Change” Or Something”

  1. david7134 says:

    If we are having global warming, then I find that it is nice. I would prefer this weather pattern and economy to the alternatives offered. Now, if we have over population and the climate doom is going to kill us, then isn’t that a desired objective?

    • John says:

      David the problem that any see is not the effect that climate change would have on YOU personally, but instead on humanity
      It is sort if like the holocaust, although it it did not effect me personally I still do think it tragic
      It sort of all depends on how much or little you feel connected or isolated from other humans

  2. John says:

    Teach that graph of snake oil salesman Monckton is garbage
    2014 is probably going to be the hottest ever in the last 150 years but that shows it as pretty average
    Yes Antartjc sea ice is increasing BUT since that is only 2% of the total ice in the Antarctic it is totally dwarfed by the rapidly melting non sea ice
    You can say whatever you want about lefties i. e. They hate blacks
    Perhaps insulting them will make you feel better about yourself and the views that you have
    Also Teach if you had bothered to read the full article (primary sources) you would have learned that yes the Antarctic is melting where it is warming and yes the part that is not warming is remaining frozen which gives a net negative in total ice
    It should be obvious that the Monckton graph is out of wack simply by looking at the year 2014 on his grPh
    Unless of course you DO believe in the giant conspiracy (probably Jewish) to control the world through carbon taxing
    Great claims of this conspiracy require great evidence
    ALL of the branches of the US military believe in AGW
    Do you really think you are better at science than them ?
    Again, great claims of superior scientific knowledge require great proofs ( of superior scientific knowledge)

  3. John says:

    Teach way back in the 80s both Thatcher and Reagan knew the planet was heating up from greenhouse gases

  4. Jeffery says:

    It was renamed “climate change”

    That’s false. The IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was formed in 1988. From its beginnings the most important NGO dealing with global warming has had Climate Change in its title.

    fact, they only rose 7 inches during the 20th Century. One would expect at least double that during a Holocene warm period).

    Absolute ignorant and confusing bullshit. Define what you mean by a Holocene warm period.

    Antarctica has been growing.

    False. The Antarctic ice sheet is melting. The sea ice extent around Antarctica is growing slightly.

    Arctic sea ice has been growing over the past few years.

    Absolute bullshitty nonsense. You should retract it or cite your evidence. Bullshit.

    if CO2 is rising, and it is at fault, then why… cherry picked RSS dataset

    You know the truth about the global warming, yet you trot out this debunked cherry-picked dataset. Why do you only use the RSS dataset? It doesn’t even measure surface temperature; it doesn’t even use thermometers; it measures radiation wavelengths and uses computer models to turn that into a “temperature”.

    Fact: The Earth continues to warm from the greenhouse effect caused primarily from atmospheric CO2 from our burning of fossil fuels.

  5. david7134 says:

    You are wrong.

  6. Jeffery says:


    You are wrong about me being wrong.

  7. jl says:

    Jeff- and you are wrong about everyone else being wrong. In other words, Bullshit, as you like to say. Sea ice extent in the Antarctic has surpassed the record maximum extent set in 2013 and is now more than 20 million square kilometers for the first time in the past 35 years. And as I read elsewhere, we are one week away from the Al Gore Nobel prize winning ice-free Arctic forecast. Arctic sea ice extent is at a record level for the past decade and is rising. Fact: the earth continues do defy the “predictions” of the climate astrologers- it stays at steady temp for the last 18 years. Fact: CO2 is not some giant temperature control knob in the sky, no matter how much the bed-wetting crowd whines that it does. Fact: As teach said above- Arctic, Antarctic ice growing or receding, is still no proof on why it may be growing or receding.

  8. Jeffery says:


    Check out See figure 3 on the front page.

    Arctic sea ice extent for November was the 9th lowest in the satellite record. Through 2014, the linear rate of decline for November extent over the satellite record is 4.7% per decade.

    You typed:

    Arctic sea ice extent is at a record level for the past decade and is rising.

    That’s not true according to the NSIDC. Do you have evidence to support your claim?

    You typed:

    Sea ice extent in the Antarctic has surpassed the record maximum extent set in 2013 and is now more than 20 million square kilometers for the first time in the past 35 years.

    According to the NSIDC:

    Antarctic sea ice has continued to decline at a faster-than-average pace (approximately 122,000 square kilometers, or 47,100 square miles per day through the month of October, compared to the average rate of 112,000 square kilometers or 43,200 square miles per day), and is now about 650,000 square kilometers (251,000 square miles) below the level for the date recorded in 2013. Currently ice extent remains about 700,000 square kilometers (270,000 square miles) higher than the 1981 to 2010 average for this time of year.

    What this indicates is that the Antarctic sea ice extent decreases in the Southern Hemisphere summer, and is increased compared to the 1981-2010 average.

    So: Antarctic sea ice extent is up. Arctic sea ice extent continues its slide (yes, there is more Arctic ice in winter than in summer). The Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets continue to melt.

    And the Earth continues to warm.

    Surface Datasets
    GISS = +0.10C/decade since 1999
    NOAA = +0.08C/decade since 1999
    HADCRUT = +0.09C/decade since 1999
    BEST = +0.11C/decade since 1999
    BEST(land)= +0.16C/decade since 1999
    NOAA(land)= +0.13C/decade since 1999

    Satellite Trophosphere Datasets

    RSS = +0.03C/decade since 1999
    UAH = +0.15C/decade since 1999

    N.B. – Mr. Teach and other Deniers only report the RSS data.

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