Oops: Japan Uses $1 Billion In Supposed UN Climate Change Funds To Build Coal Plants

Interestingly, the most important part is not about how the money was used

(Newsweek) About $1 billion in Japanese funding that Japan claimed was part of a UN initiative to help developing countries take action against climate change went, unnoticed, towards Japanese companies for the construction of three coal-fired power plants, the Associated Press reported Monday.

Coal-burning power plants are the world’s biggest source of atmospheric CO2, a key driver of global warming.

Wait, I thought it was fossil fueled vehicles? Or agriculture? Or eating meat? I guess it depends on what the article author is pushing. Anyhow, here’s the main point

The slip-up highlights major gaps in oversight when it comes to funding climate projects in developing countries. The three power plant projects, built in Indonesia by Japanese companies, were listed as “climate finance.” But the U.N. has no formal definition of what constitutes legitimate climate finance, nor does it have a watchdog agency to ensure climate dollars end up in appropriate places.

In other words, nations are giving boatloads of taxpayer cash for “climate change”, and there is barely any way to track how the money is spent.

The funding came from a pot of money established by the U.N. in 2009, when wealthy nations pledged to accumulate $30 billion in climate finance over the following three years. At the time, Japan agreed to provide about half that sum. Meanwhile, the recently-established Green Climate Fund, which has similar goals to help poorer nations adapt to the warming climate, also has no watchdog agency or formal definition of climate finance, according to the AP. President Obama recently pledged $3 billion to the fund.

It’s a general slush fund for the U.N. to piss away however they see fit.

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  1. Casey says:

    You forgot cow farts!

    Methane is a major cause of global warming, or so I’ve read.

    Shoot the cows!

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