Bummer: Hotcoldwetdry Is Messing Up Your Christmas Tree

Bad me, I missed this one back on December 1st, whereas Warmists started their typical “let’s ruin Christmas by interjecting “climate change” into the season” schtick

Climate Change Is Messing Up Your Christmas Tree

Owners of spotty and bare Christmas trees this winter can blame the California drought. Farmers say they’ve noted “dry spots” and other signs of stress in many trees, particularly those five feet and taller (buyers should plan on watering them immediately for best results). In many parts of the country, the drought also means a price hike of as much as 10 percent. Looks like climate change is the real War on Christmas.

The article then refers readers over to NBC San Diego for more confirmation of their insane cult. Of course, there’s a bit of a problem with this: even the NOAA was forced to admit that the cause of the drought was natural, not manmade. Warmists have caterwauled incessantly, blaming the drought on Mankind, but, as usual, they’re wrong.

Meanwhile, in The Phillipines

Albay is going camote this Christmas. A 40-foot Christmas tree layered with 3,000 black nursery bags of camote (sweet potato) tops and adorned with huge white lanterns and lights has been put up at Peñaranda Park in front of the provincial capitol in Legazpi City, ushering in the monthlong holiday celebration in the province.

Known as Karangahan Festival, the celebration features indigenous materials as a way of raising awareness on a clean and green environment, according to Gov. Joey Salceda. Karangahan was coined from the Bicolano root word ranga, meaning endearment, and when used to refer to the festival, it means “endearment to culture, arts and nature.”

For its Christmas tree in 2011, the first time the festival was held, the provincial government used empty fuel drums. In the next two years, it tapped pili saplings and coconut shells.

They just can’t help themselves in being bat guano insane. If they really cared, they would stop exporting camote, which requires vast amounts of fossil fuels.

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