Rep. Jackie Spears (D-Ca): Let’s Apologize To Terrorists For CIA Torture

Hey, she’s just saying what Liberals are thinking. Via Hot Air, where you can watch the video

Speier: Every single page had something in the executive summary that shocked me. Whether it was the rehydration anally or keeping them sleep deprived for one-hundred and eighty hours with their hands over their head in shackles. That is not what this country is about and we have got to shut this down.

MSNBC host: Should the agency issue an apology?

Speier: Absolutely.

Since the people involved were terrorists, primarily members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, she wants the CIA to apologize to them. As Noah Rothman noted at Hot Air

To whom should this apology be directed? Since all of the individuals subjected to EIT’s were not revealed in the SSCI report, would this be a blanket apology to anyone suspected of involvement in al-Qaeda who was interrogated by CIA operatives or their associates? If his were to occur, it might undermine the efforts to protect the identities of CIA operatives who engaged in questionable practices. Most of their names were redacted from the Senate committee’s report. If this is what Speier is advocating, that is the most ill-considered proposal we’ve heard from the left since at least Tuesday.

These complexities are why an apology will not be forthcoming, but Speier probably knew that. All she hoped to accomplish was to nurse her sense of moral superiority. Mission accomplished.

Maybe she should try apologizing to Islamic terrorists in person. I have a feeling that wouldn’t go so well.

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One Response to “Rep. Jackie Spears (D-Ca): Let’s Apologize To Terrorists For CIA Torture”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Were we remiss in not torturing McVeigh’s and Nichols’ friends and acquaintances to extract more info from them? McVeigh was a gun show regular around the US. How did we know that there weren’t more mass murderers incubating in the far, far right-wing anti-government gun show circuit?

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